On April 11, 2012, a call went out to New York’s investor-owned utilities, private developers, investors and all other interested parties: “The time for powerful ideas” to bring the state’s electric power system into the 21st century had come. The invitation, known as a Request For Information (RFI), resulted in 85 responses that proposed 130 ideas including specific projects as well as discussion of energy issues and policies.

Project Proposals and Public Comments: The New York Energy Highway Blueprint was developed in an open and transparent process to allow full public review and participation, beginning with a two-month public comment period following the RFI. As projects commence and proceed, public outreach and stakeholder engagement will continue to be a key component of the Energy Highway initiative.

We invite you to review the various elements that are helping to shape New York’s energy future:

Following the acceptance of the Blueprint by Governor Cuomo in 2012 and the issuance of the Update in 2013, the Task Force disbanded allowing each assigned agency to focus on its own area of responsibility. Implementation of the Energy Highway Blueprint actions is underway, with significant benefits expected to accrue to New York State, including improved reliability and increased efficiency, job creation, promotion of economic development through public-private partnerships, and a cleaner environment.